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About Classroom Management

Gain the skills you need to create a respectful, positive classroom environment that supports the success of all students, particularly those with challenging behaviors. Emphasis is placed on understanding the philosophical framework underlying positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS), and developing positive, proactive policies and procedures for managing student behavior in the classroom. This curriculum is taught by Jeffrey Sprague, PhD.

This asynchronous, self-paced curriculum consists of four modules:

You can:

  1. Enroll in modules individually at $69 each or,
  2. Purchase a subscription for $199. The subscription gives you access to all four modules plus a quarterly webinar with the instructor.

Professional Development Credit

To ensure that your district will approve this Real Solutions course for PDU credit before you take a course, you may want to ask your supervisor or district for a preliminary review. You can print this letter and the course syllabus to provide for approval. Your state or district may require additional forms, so check if you are not sure.