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Jeffrey Sprague

Course Description

The UO Real Solutions in Classroom Management subscription gives you access to all four modules at a significantly reduced price, plus a quarterly webinar. Modules are self-paced.

Modules Included in the Subscription Are

Teacher Well-being

Students are more productive and exhibit fewer disruptive behaviors when their teacher is calm, healthy, and confident. In this module, you'll learn how, and why, to nurture your well-being.


What happens when some students are treated unfairly? What factors encourage inequity? In this module you will increase your awareness about this issue and learn how to effectively promote equity in your classroom.

Strategies and Methods

Learn strategies and methods for effective classroom management. You'll learn how to build healthy teacher-student relationships; how to develop and enforce classroom expectations; how to use positive reinforcement; and how to prevent and respond to problem behaviors.

Physical Environment

Learn how to organize your physical classroom so that it supports your classroom management efforts and encourages student success. You will be introduced to Web 2.0 tools you can use for other activities and projects.

Registration and Fees

Non-Credit Fee: $199

Online registration not currently available for this course