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Frequently Asked Questions


How many PDUs/CEUs/Clock Hours will I earn for completing a module?

If you complete a module, you will earn 5 PDUs/CEUs/clock hours. If you complete all 4 modules, you will earn 20 PDUs/CEUs/clock hours. To complete a module, you must earn a passing grade of 80% or better on the final exam.

How and when will I receive my certificate?

At the end of the month that you complete a module, you will receive an email from UO Academic Extension containing a locked PDF of your certificate.

What are the technology requirements?

We recommend the newest versions of one of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

To find out which version of a browser is on your computer, please the What's My Browser website.

Courses are media rich and require the latest updates for:

To access the curriculum you will need either an Ethernet cable with a stable internet connection or reliable fast Wi-Fi. Desktop or laptop screen size should be a minimum of 13 inches.

Some courses have Q&A sessions with the professor. To participate in the quarterly Q&As you will need a computer with a webcam and/or headphones with an attached microphone.

Registration and Cancellation

How do I register for a module?

Click on the "Register for Courses" tab and follow the instructions. If you are having issues, please contact us at 844-944-2223.

May I register for more than one module at a time?

You may register for as many modules as you want. You may also purchase a subscription which gives you discounted access to all of the modules and a quarterly online Q&A with the professor.

Are there special rates or group discounts?

For more information about group discounts or special rates please contact Wendy Morgan, Real Solutions Program Development Manager:

E-mail: wdm@uoregon.edu
Phone: 541-346-0426
Cell: 541-600-5473

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, purchase order or check. Registration is pending until the check is received at the registration office.

Can I enroll in Real Solutions if I live outside of the US?

Yes, you will need to call 541-346-0695 from outside the US and we will assist you.

What is the cancellation, refund, and/or exchange policy?

We do not allow exchanges at this time. You may cancel your registration at any time prior to logging in to the Oba Learning Management System. We charge a $25 administrative fee per module upon cancellation.

If you need to cancel your registration prior to logging in to the Oba Learning Management System, please contact UO Real Solutions via e-mail or phone.

UO Real Solutions
E-mail: realsolutions@uoregon.edu
Phone (US & Canada only): 844-944-2223
Phone: 541-346-0695

Office Hours:
Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Exceptions may be made in the event of serious illness, death in the family, etc. Written documentation must be provided.

Course Information

How much does Real Solutions cost?

Individual modules cost $69. If you purchase a subscription the cost is $199.

What is the difference between purchasing a module or a subscription?

If you purchase a module you only have access to that particular module. If you purchase a subscription it includes all four modules. Additionally, some Real Solutions curricula include quarterly online Q&A sessions with content experts.

How long does it take to complete a module?

All of the modules are self-paced, but most people are able to complete a module in five hours.

How long do I have to complete the work?

You have one year to complete a module or to complete all four modules if you purchased a subscription.

Do I need to complete the topics in order?

Within the modules, you need to complete topics and sections in the order that they appear. The progression within the modules is intentional and sequential.

Do I have to be online at a certain time for my modules? For tests?

You do not need to be online at a given time. The Real Solutions curriculum is entirely self-paced and asynchronous.

How do I log in to my module?

Navigate to the log in page and enter your username and password. From there, locate "My Courses," click and get started.

Where do I find my online module?

After you register for a module you will receive an email with instructions on creating your Oba profile and logging in. Once you log in to the Oba LMS, you will see a "My Courses" section. Click there, and you will find the module you registered for.

Still Need More Assistance

What if I can’t log in?

Please contact UO Real Solutions by phone at 844-944-2223 or e-mail us at realsolutions@uoregon.edu to receive assistance.

How do I get technical support?

In Oba, start by clicking on the red "Help" button. You will be directed to helpful support documents or tutorials. If your issue falls outside of the top results, you may submit a ticket via the "Leave us a message" box; expect a response from the Oba tech team within 24 business hours.

How do I use the online tools?

Please view the "Course Video Tour," found at the very top of your module page, to learn how to use the site. For more specific help, contact UO Real Solutions for further assistance.

UO Real Solutions
E-mail: realsolutions@uoregon.edu
Phone (US & Canada Only): 844-944-2223
Phone: 541-346-0695

What if I have questions about the modules/materials?

If you have any questions, please contact UO Real Solutions by phone at 844-944-2223 or e-mail us at realsolutions@uoregon.edu for further assistance.