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Bryan Rebar

Course Description

Subscription For All Four Modules

The UO Real Solutions for NGSS Science Teaching subscription gives you access to all four modules at a significantly reduced price, plus a quarterly webinar. Modules are self-paced.

Modules Included in the Subscription Are

Three Dimensions of Science Teaching and Learning

This module provides an introduction to the vision and goals of NGSS and how you can adjust your role as a teacher to align with them. You'll learn how NGSS is structured into three dimensions using performance expectations, with the ultimate aim of helping students develop a deep understanding of science and its connection to the real world, to their lives, to careers, and to other disciplines.

Students as Scientists

What does it mean to have students follow science and engineering practices? What do students as scientists do? What does it look like? How can engineering be integrated into science teaching? How is engineering represented in NGSS? This module discusses how crosscutting concepts can help students frame problems and ask questions as scientists and discusses how to design lessons to meet standards and pique students' curiosity.

Strategies and Solutions for NGSS for All Audiences

NGSS is designed to build on continuing efforts for inclusion in science. In this module, you will explore how to design appropriate scope and sequence of science curriculum in K-12, and how all students benefit when you employ inclusive curricular design. You'll gain a wealth of resources to help you serve your students.

NGSS Across the Curriculum—Connecting with Other Disciplines

Enrich and expand your curricula by using project-based learning, creating strong math and English connections, engaging community partners, and collaborating with teachers of other disciplines. This is where education is moving!

Registration and Fees

Non-Credit Fee: $199